Top Ten Betting Sites in Bangladesh

Top Ten Betting Sites in Bangladesh
Top Ten Betting Sites in Bangladesh

Top Ten Betting Sites In Bangladesh Online Gambling Site.


There are many betting sites in the world. In 2001, the Coates family in Stoke City, UK launched the sports betting site In the last 16 years, it has become the largest sports gambling site in the world.

Bet365 has more than 19 million (190 crore) customers in 200 countries around the world. In 2016, Bet365 was fined 2.75 million for misleading advertising that falsely promised customers “free bets.” Every day, its customers gamble on a variety of sports.

Benefit from it, someone or disappear; However, the owners of the Bet365 site always benefit. Top Ten Betting Sites in Bangladesh


Freestadium – Agent Base Betting Web Site. If you want to open an account and deposit at Freestadium, you need to take the help of an agent. You cannot open an account or deposit or withdraw without an agent. You will need to deposit or withdraw through the agent you will open the account with. So it is important to choose the right Betting agent to make money and protest frauds.

Freestadium Agent’s Public Relations: Imo Number– 9024004980 Telegram User Name: – reFreestadium If you transact with someone outside of this agent list, you have to transact at your own risk. Fristadium will not take the responsibility of any agent outside the list Top Ten Betting Sites in Bangladesh

3. 1xBET

1XBET, first established in Russia in 2011 and day by day it expand thier service around the world. That is an online sports betting, casino and poker site. And the best bookmaker in a very short time 1xbet wants to continue its expansion in more overseas markets, where it will achieve the same level of success in its operations over the past eight years. The welcome offer on 1xBet Sportsbook is really interesting.

This is going to be a bigger reason for you to sign up with this site. New 1xBet customers can get 100% bonus on their first deposit. Only a few straightforward steps are required before the bonus can enter your account.

The site covers a wide variety of sporting events around the world. They also offer risk-free bets that can help you win if you play at Bateson. Top Ten Betting Sites in Bangladesh

Betting on 1xbet is safe and money transfer system is faster than other betting sites. Besides, if you search the internet by entering the top ten betting sites in Bangladesh or online gambling sites in Bangladesh, you can now see 1xbet first. 1xbet has been successful in Bangladesh in a short time 


Betway was founded in 2006 and is an international gambling organization and is licensed in several countries, including the United Kingdom, Italy, Malta, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, Ireland and Germany.

Their sports book covers more than 190,000 play events a year with worldwide coverage and betting opportunities throughout the year. Top Ten Betting Sites in Bangladesh

All top sporting events regularly advance with competitive adversity and market success. But BETWAY is based in Europe so their success in Bangladesh is low. BETWAY game is a little difficult

5. 888Sport

One of the first bookmakers to appear on the online betting market, was founded in 1997 as a casino and poker site.

888Sport, the sports betting arm of parent company 888 Holdings, launched about 10 years ago in 2010, and has become one of the most popular and most trusted online sports betting sites on the market.

There are more than 300 markets per game offered. 888Sport offers customers the same amount of offers, including the Welcome Bonus, giving new customers the possibility to receive £ 30 and 10 10 Casino bonuses on free bet tokens.

6. Bwin

The Window website was launched in 2006 and was originally owned by Baywin Interactive Entertainment AG Group. They were based in Austria betting site, also Sweden and Gibraltar. This is good to see because it means the company will be rigorously inspected for granting these licenses.

Licenses mean that if there is a problem, there is someone to answer them. When you join Bywin, you will be registered with a site that offers its customers a great selection of betting opportunities.

It’s not a matter of daylight, twilight or early dawn, there will be opportunities to bet on live events and take advantage of an impressive set of promotions. This includes a welcome offer where you can play a free bet up to ড 10 if you lose your first bet.


Joachen Dickinger and Franz Omar from Austria founded Bate-at-Home. In March 2000, the website launched a sports betting service and was launched with the addition of a live scoring service.

With the launch of an online casino in 2005, their business began to expand, later becoming a stock corporation, and in 2009 it became part of the BetClick Everest Group.

Their head office is now at the Portomasso Business Tower in Malta and the Malta Gambling Commission is licensed and regulated. Top Ten Betting Sites in Bangladesh


Univet founded Anders Strum in 1997. The company was initially run in London where he lived. The following year, they started betting on phones and in 1999 launched their first online betting website in English and Swedish.

The Unibyte website has fantastic events to bet on for you. They offer a good selection of promotions with an attractive welcome offer that you can keep if you lose your first bet. 40 and can accept a £ 10 casino bonus. There are opportunities to visit bingo, poker and their online casinos.


Swedish company Batson AB has a history of 50 years. They are one of the largest gaming groups in the world who not only respond to sporting events but also casinos, poker, scratchcards and bingo are very experienced sites covering a wide variety of sporting events around the world. Top Ten Betting Sites in Bangladesh

Link Of Top Ten Betting Sites in Bangladesh

 They also offer risk-free bets that can help you win if you play at Bateson.



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