The IPL 2023 will now include a “Impact Player” rule.

The IPL 2023 will now include a “Impact Player” rule.

The IPL 2023 will now include a "Impact Player" rule.
The IPL 2023 will now include a “Impact Player” rule.

A new tactical rule known as “Impact Player” is expected to be adopted beginning with the 2023 season, which is the most recent IPL development. Both captains must identify four individuals before the toss, one of whom may be used to replace a player from the starting 11.

If the game is reduced to 10 overs for whatever reason, the Impact Player cannot be utilized. It may be used at any point before the completion of the 14th over of either innings. The replacement player is permitted to take part in all activities (bat for full overs or bowl quota of 4 overs).

The opposite team may apply the impact player rule if one side has already used it and the next inning’s total is less than 10 overs.

We recently witnessed the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy put the Impact Player to the test when Delhi all-rounder Hrithik Shokeen was utilized as a substitute player and he assisted his team in defeating Manipur.

As witnessed in Australia’s Big Bash League, where this rule was adopted much earlier and is employed by many captains, this is a game-changing regulation. In the BBL league, it is referred to as the X-Factor rule.

“With the ever-growing popularity of T20 cricket, it is imperative that we look at introducing new dimensions which will make this format more attractive and interesting not only for our viewers but also the participating teams from a strategic standpoint,” the Board of Control for Cricket in India stated on the announcement of the new IPL rule.

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