IPL 2024: Ben Stokes pulls out of Indian Premier League 2024

Ben Stokes pulls out of Indian Premier League 2024

English all-rounder Ben Stokes, part of the Chennai Super Kings team, has opted out of the upcoming IPL season in 2024. Citing the need to manage his workload, Stokes made this decision and Chennai officially announced his withdrawal via their website.

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Stokes’ absence from the IPL is attributed to his commitment to England’s participation in a five-match Test series scheduled in India next year, alongside the T20 World Cup taking place in June. His focus on regaining fitness and recuperating from the pressures he has been managing prompted this choice.

Presently, Stokes is contending with a knee injury that necessitates surgical intervention for recovery. His primary objective post-operation is a swift and effective recuperation.

While Chennai Super Kings have not clarified their stance on Stokes’ potential exclusion if he opts out of the tournament, their statement expressed unwavering support for the all-rounder.

It’s noteworthy that Chennai secured Stokes for a substantial Rs 16.25 crore during the auction. Unfortunately, due to injury setbacks, he could not participate fully in the tournament, managing only 15 runs across 2 matches and remaining wicketless.

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