How to Change your birth date in Bet365?

How to Change your birth date in Bet365?

Bet365 is a most popular betting site in the world that strictly follows all rules and regulations. In truth, Bet365 Bangladesh is registered in the United Kingdom, which is often regarded as the most stringent jurisdiction for betting enterprises.

As part of these regulations, Bet365 is required to complete KYC on its clients. All information entered during registration must be correct in order for verification to take place. But, you may sometimes make a mistake such as entering your date of birth incorrectly. So, How can you Change your birth date in Bet365?

How can you Change your birth date

  • Go to
  • Log in and go to the member’s area
  • You can change some details like your address and contact details but not any other details can’t change

Note: You cannot change your name and date of birth in this section, however, there is another way to Change your birth date in Bet365.

Bet365 does not allow you to modify any information that it considers critical to security. If you made a mistake when entering this information, you must contact Bet365 live support.

How to contact Bet365 Support in Bangladesh

We normally prefer using Live-Chat, but you may also use e-mail or contact Bet365. All of the information is available on the betting site’s ‘Contact Us’ page.

We like the bet365 support, because the live chat option since it is instant. Explain your mistake and then your request will be reviewed. Bet365 must first verify that you are Owner of this account before making the change for you. If you are unable to persuade them, you may need to create a new account with the correct details.

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