Betting tips for Cricket | Get ₹10,000 Bonus

Betting tips for Cricket | Get ₹10,000 Bonus

Betting tips for Cricket
Betting tips for Cricket

Cricket is constantly on, and we cover all of the major T20 matches as well as all of the Indian cricket matches. Our advice is always free and updated on a daily basis, especially during major events. T20 cricket betting is quick and ideal for catching lightning. For our regular advice, we examine all of the most recent statistics and trends, attempting to extract useful information from the data.

How we pick our free tips

  • We evaluate our suggestions in accordance with a list.
  • Any possible injury or change in team news
  • Statistics from the last five games are among the worst at the international level.
  • Last year’s tournament data were the lowest, and past patterns, such as our historical IPL stats, were taken into account.
  • The match’s weather conditions, as well as the group in which the game is being played
  • Where can I discover the greatest statistics for betting on various market alternatives and bets and acquire the best betting price?
  • By viewing prior matches, we increased our understanding of world cricket.

Once we’ve calculated our estimates, I’ll add them to the stream above. All recommendations are free, and we will show you where to locate the best odds and bonuses from Indian bookmakers.

We take tips from the cricket markets

We will monitor all markets to discover the greatest choices for you. In the case of statistics, however, we use items that are often found in the same market. We avoid betting on who will score how many runs in an over and those who try to estimate the over of the first wicket because we believe that betting by calculation is more profitable.

We have the most popular tipping market here for single matches

  1. Total Match Wickets – Under / Over
  2. Total Match Run – Under / Over
  3. Top bowler or batsman – either in the whole match or in the team
  4. Total runs of the team – Under / Over

We come up with some tips that are different from the Betway market than the standard market. These allow you to place multiple bets on the same match by uniting the markets.


Match – Kohli will score 49.5 runs, India will win the match, Rohit will take more than 0.5 wickets.

IPL Tournament – More than 149.5 sixes, Mumbai Indians will go to the final, 5 wickets over 0.5, Gayle will hit the most sixes.

Over time we will make our own selections with which you will be able to bet on big tournaments.

Tournament market

In addition to individual matches, we monitor tournament markets for longer-term predictions. In this situation, determining who will win the event frequently requires selecting from more than 20 markets. These are not as popular as the winning market in terms of betting, but they do provide some decent pricing and bring some intrigue to the competition.

The markets we look at to make our statistics are as follows –

  • Total sixes (T20 tournament)
  • The best score of any batsman – under / over
  • Total Tournament Run – Under / Over
  • Total wickets of the tournament – Under / Over

To make these assumptions, we can deliberately look at the statistics of previous tournaments and selections when comparing odds. There are a lot of trends to watch in the IPL such as the growing trend of total tournament runs since the start of the event.

Match preview

Currently, we follow the following events for our full match preview

T20 tournament

  • Indian Premier League
  • Big Bash League (Australia)
  • T20 Blast (England)
  • Caribbean Premier League
  • Majansi Super League

Other matches

  • T20 International World Cup
  • All India T20 matches
  • All India ODI and Test matches

Our guess is what you will get

Our reviews are written to help you stay informed about upcoming matches. We cover a lot of things about the match, including the following

  • Recent results and forms
  • Statistics from recent games in previous tournaments
    Team news
  • Weather forecast (especially if the game is in England)
    Direct prediction – who will win
  • Properly priced cricket betting tips – usually our top 3 picks

We try to be as neutral as possible despite being Indian cricket fans because we cannot always bet that India will win. Having a neutral outlook will help make our estimates more accurate and optimistic and more reliable.

We try to add a few extra statistics to our previews that you won’t find anywhere else, these are usually at the bottom of the preview.

Follow our tips guide

If you want to follow our tips, make it available for free, but here are some suggestions:

Don’t bet beyond your means

There is no such thing as a guaranteed winner

Betting should be a fun aspect of enjoying cricket

Follow our tips at your own risk!

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