Best Catches In IPL History until 2008-2020

Best Catches In IPL History until 2008-2020

Best Catches In IPL History
Best Catches In IPL History

“Catches win matches,” as the saying goes, but spectacular catches win vital matches. In 12 seasons, the Vivo IPL has witnessed numerous remarkable catches, some of which seemed impossible. Here is a list of the top IPL catches.

This page will discuss the top catches in IPL history from 2008 to the present.

Best catches in IPL

Superman AB De Villers’s star among the catches in IPL 2018

Best catch in IPL 2018

1.AB De Villers’s superman catch- RCB VS SRH, 17th May 2018No one can forget that unbelievable catch that he took at Chinnaswamy Stadium. Alex Haley hit the ball to deep square and all were certain that it will be a flat-six by the strike of the bat.

But AB de Villiers was fielding at deep square leg. He jumped up high in the air stole the ball from outside the rope and brought it inside with his legs in the air and he balanced himself by not touching the rope with the ball in the hand. Virat Kohli ran and hugged him tight after that spectacular impossible catch.

2. Kiron Pollard’s magical catch- RR vs MI, 5th March 2015

Cooper( batsman) hit the ball high towards long-on and Pollard was standing a little forward of the boundary rope. He misjudged the ball as he came too forward to catch it but still got hold of it with his right hand by jumping high and then lost his balance when he finished his jump so he took 2 steps towards the boundary rope and threw the ball away inside the rope and he went outside the rope and then turned back while the ball was still in the air and dived forward inside the field to take that catch back.

The umpires made it clear that it was a fair catch.

3. Ricky Ponting’s flying catch-MI vs DD, 11th April 2013

Umukh Chand had a head start since he expected the ball to spin but instead got a straight shot. Ricky Pointing took a one-handed catch leaping towards his right as the ball flew towards mid-wicket. He slipped at first, but compensated by taking a few strides to his right and then leaping and springing like a cheetah towards the ball. It was a fantastic catch, especially for someone his age.

4. Chris Lynn’s game-changing catch- RCB VS KKR,25th April 2014

Chris Lynn took a spectacular catch on deep mid-wicket. 6 runs were required from 4 balls and AB De Villers was batting. He hit a flat short towards deep wicket in order to finish the match with a six but found Chris Lynn. He (Lynn) in order to take the catch was down in his right knee and then extended both his arms high by jumping in the air and getting hold of the ball. The landing was the key factor here because he was very close to the boundary rope. He balanced himself perfectly without injuring his back.

5. Kiron Pollard’s Insane one-handed catch- CSK VS MI 8th April 2019

Kiron Pollard pulled another ruse. Suresh Raina hit a low cut shot that landed flat in the air. Pollard’s right hand got in the way and he grabbed it. Suresh Raina was taken aback when he saw this because he was convinced the bat would go for a six. Pollard’s height helped him to not only stop the ball from going all the way for a six, but also catch it with his right hand.

He was able to finish the roll and steady himself without touching the ropes since he took the catch at a distance from the boundary rope.

6.Dwayne Bravo’s Reflex Catch -SRH VS CSK 22 May 2018

Dwayne Bravo took a quick catch of his own bowling. He bowled a good length ball to Yusuf Pathan at a speed of 130 km/hr and Yusuf played a straight cross-batted shot but the ball just stuck in the hands of Bravo. He (Bravo) took a low catch in the follow-through of his bowling. The reaction time for the catch was 0.56 seconds.


These are some hand-picked best catches in IPL history, although it can be debatable, and their hundreds if not thousands of top catches in Indian Premier League.

Some of you even might get disappointed for your favorite player was not considered in the list among the top catches. Enjoy our other content from the blog and feel free to leave your comment and consider sharing if you think this post is helpful.[

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