1xbet Helpline Bangladesh

1xbet Helpline Bangladesh
1xbet Helpline Bangladesh

1xbet Helpline Bangladesh for withdrawal and deposit, technical and customer service available. 1xbet is one of the top-ranking online bookmakers around the world. Like other countries in the world, Bangladesh to getting popular Russian betting site 1xbet. Online casinos and sports betting affect growth in this country. More than 100 bet options in any single match on 1xbet. So, for any technical issue, betting issue, or withdrawal and deposit problem solve 1xbet Helpline Bangladesh can assist you.

1xbet Helpline Bangladesh

A section is dedicated to getting all types of 1xbet help from Bangladesh. If you are a visitor or 1xbet register member then you are welcome to get the 1xbet helpline. Simply to get 1xbet helpline Bangladesh support to follow the bellow info. In this way, you will get the best support to get quick support.

1xbet Helpline Subject Contact Info
General queries: [email protected]
Security department: [email protected]
Public relations and advertising: [email protected]
Partnership queries (online): [email protected]
Partnership queries (betting shops): [email protected]
Finances: [email protected]
Signal -95764426~1xbet Support
Phone: 00911171279199
WhatsApp +35795764426
Twitter 1xbet_Support
Imo One-x-bet Support


1xbet Deposit Helpline

Bettors are struggling to deposit 1xbet from Bangladesh. Already 1xbet betting platforms are banned by the Bangladesh government as their regulation. So, multiple local payment gateways are not supported here.

At 2021 beginning of the year we see various Bangladeshi payment method was available. For instant 1xbet bkash payment system, 1xbet Nagad payment system, Ricket, etc. But at the end of the year they just withdrawal all types of local payment gateway from this site. But you have still the option to make a deposit of 1xbet with Bkash, Nagad, Rocket, and with any Crypto. Just follow the below 1xbet deposit helpline.

1xbet Deposit Helpline

⇉ 1xbet Bkash Deposit Support

Huge bettors are want to deposit with Bkash if you want to get help for a 1xbet bkash deposit then you can follow the step. Now you can not directly deposit with the 1xbet website. Hope they will add this method.

  1. Visit this website BTC to BDT and create an account.
  2. After creating an account simply buy any 1xbet supported USD or coin
  3. They will send USD or coins to your 1xbet deposit payment wallet.
  4. So send Bkash BDT to get the desired 1xbet fund to your 1xbet account.
  5. You can also send them a 1xbet Player ID and they will refill you.
  6. You can live chat as 1xbet Helpline Bangladesh as BTCtoBDT who help you with deposit.

⇉ 1xbet Nagad Deposit Support

If you want to pay 1xbet with Nagad payment from Bangladesh Then the good news is it is still available to 1xbet deposit option. Now as a Nagad 1xbet Helpline Bangladesh you can contact with 1xbet dedicated support team. The only contact with 1xbet support member if your Nagad balance is not added. They will get back soon. So, follow the step to deposit with Nagad to 1xbet deposit.

  1. First, Create a 1xbet account with detailed requirements like user name, password, phone number, etc.
  2. So, after completing 1xbet registration simply click the top menu make a deposit option. And now you see a pop-up deposit window dropdown.
  3. From this section, you see an option that says Deposit in your region. And the right side show you all the deposit option are available in your country’s support.
  4. As a screenshot, you see Nagad payment options are available for Banglasehis users. Click on it and complete the payment.
  5. Now your balance is added to your gaming account. If you do not get the 1xbet deposit fund within 3 hours then simply send a mail with your transaction proof to this email [email protected]. They help soon to add your balance.

1xbet Support Center Bangladesh

Directly their have no 1xbet support center in BD. But for any quarry, you may submit a ticket through the 1xbet official website. 1xbet official means where your player ID register. To do get help 1xbet sports betting ods help or any pending bet result, technical support you can contact with then. Among the betting company in BD 1xbet Helpline Bangladesh for best in best.

1xbet Support Center Bangladesh
1xbet Support Center Bangladesh

Simply, go to your 1xbet login dashboard and click support from the left side sidebar. After clicking the left side support button it shows a new page with a support message option. From the top left side, you can see the “1xbet Helpline” option. In this section, you can write to the 1xbet dedicated support team.

Write them all the problems that you are in. They will shortly get back to you to solve the issue. Sometimes they are directly contacted through a phone call by the country support manager.

1xbet Online consultant

1xbet online consultant support is another option to get your question and answer. Where users are from 1xbet can submit an online question to get and quick answer. Here “Online consultant” option to give you Submit your questions online. Simply ask a question.

1xbet Online consultant
1xbet Online consultant

For a quick 1xbet question and solution

1xbet Helpline Bangladesh Callback

The callback is an amazing support system 1xbet betting site. When you are not able to get your solution around the other section. To get 1xbet callback support you need to complete a request and a 1xbet operator will get back to you shortly.

1xbet Callback
1xbet Callback

Put your mobile number where you want to get back from the 1xbet support operator. After inputting the mobile number now write your first name on the box. Now click on order a callback.

1xbet affiliate Support

If you want to start affiliate marketing to make money from 1xbet in Bangladesh. Then this online betting site can be a good source of earning affiliate platform. So, the 1xbet affiliate marketing manager will help you start to end 24/7. Your 1xbet affiliate manager guides you for successful affiliate marketing. Make money with affiliate with great 1xbet Helpline Bangladesh program.

1xbet affiliate Support
1xbet affiliate Support

You can ask any affiliate-related question to get the answer. For instant, you can create a custom promo code, release any stack fund, etc. They are dedicated to affiliate partners to solve related problems. They will help you all the time. People are earning a lot of money with the 1xbet affiliate program from Bangladesh. So, this opportunity gives you some extra money. In this case, you will get all the support from the 1xbet manager.

Final Verdict

Most of the 1xbet customers need help from their company. If you face any type of problem to create a 1xbet account, login support, affiliate marketing support, and deposit help then follow the step to contact them. If you are still not able to get instant support by 1xbet they feel free to write us we will try our best to assist you. This support guide is a 1xbet Helpline Bangladesh user. For deposit support, you may follow our other article guidelines. Hope you got the best solution. 1xbet Helpline Bangladesh for new registered users.


  1. BDT wallet No(User ID):262310327
    2.Trans ID/TrxID:01FWZY7CFM
    3.Client phone No:01931336602
    4.Agent phone No:01908607495
    5.upayTime and date:28/2/2022/4.32pm

  2. 1xbet a withdraw problem and deposit problem onk besi hoe. Amr onkdin hoiaa gece akta withdraw pai nai. Keu solve kore nai onk email koreci.

  3. It’s been five days ago I have deposited but I have not received the money I have emailed ten times but have not paid my money.

    You say what a rule it????

  4. 1.BDT wallet No 356368953/ 2.Trx 9D914OSE97/ 3.client Phone No:01917259278/ 4.AGENT PHONE ON:01877885886/ 5.TINE AND DATE: 09-04-2022-02:40:pm 6.AMOUNT :1000

    2. Trans ID/ TrxID: 9DE19553XV
    3. Client phone no: 01755835470
    4. Agent phone no: 01777480350
    5. Bkash
    time and date: 14/04/22
    04:08:35pm You have an outstanding request to top up your account.
    Amount to pay: 7800.00 BDT
    If you have not made a transfer yet, you can find

  6. Dear sirPlayer Id -409519851
    Transaction Id – 2951192267
    Client No – 017446959821
    Ajent Number – 019389387236
    Time -12:02PM
    Date – 09/05/2022

  7. Via ai agent number thakle diposit taka Pai na plyer I’d 382439281 transaction id 7184QG3A client number 01999685842 agent number 01721974275 tame 8.37pm date 9/5/22 Ammount 1000

    • (1)Player id:349661211(2)Transaction ID:71F2QCGG (3)Client no:01315030021(4) Agent number:01742-070160(5)Time:05.20PM(6) date:03/08/2022 Amount:7900

  8. Dipojid poblem sir
    1. BDT Wallet no 290444157
    2. Trxid no 71850ZBB
    3. Client phone no 01305486220
    4. Agent phone no 01796441010
    5. Amount, 450Tk
    6. Time & Date 01.43am 10/05/2022
    7. Fast nagad
    8. Scheenshot

  9. wallet number/416723513

    2/Cient number/01614541466

    3/Agent number/01787-041395

    4/Treans ID/718GX1LN


    6/Time and date/12:14am 17/06/22


  10. Diposite problem
    gameing id,, 287984929
    Trans id,,718ILDU8
    Agent nogot Past ,,01796-441010
    Client num,,01742816551
    Amaunt-490 taka bule 10 tk kom geche sei jonno amar taka taa ase ni


  11. Dipojid poblem sir
    1. BDT Wallet no 287984929
    2. Trxid no id,,718ILDU8
    3. Client phone no 01742816551
    4. Agent phone no 01796441010
    5. Amount, 490
    6. Time & Date 10:54 PM 17/05/2022
    7. Fast nagad

  12. Wallet no.(user gaming ID)1.333091921
    2.rxID no.718F14ON
    3.Client phone no.01994670635
    4.Agent phone no.01796-441010
    5.Time&Date.10:pm 15-5-2022
    6.Amount 450 taka ngod fast

  13. Yesterday deposit 5000 taka from my perfect money account but not created my game wallet.another time 4 deposit lost.

  14. Deposit korsi taka ase nai
    1.Id 407671033
    2.Trxid on 718JVUSB
    3.Amar phon nambar01933862227
    4.Ajet nambar 01827702438
    5.Amount,500 taka
    6.Time&Date 7.43pm 18.05.2022

  15. Player id:416181393
    Transaction ID:9DI5CF9SF1.
    Client no:01712729503.
    Agent number:01309018009.
    Time:03:29 PM date:18/04/2022. Amount: 1000

  16. 1. 1xbet player I’d: 412963731

    3.bkash personal number: 01723808687

    5. Cash in time: 08:58am. 30/05/2022

    6. Cash in balance : 12000tk from 01723808687

  17. Player id:410447811
    Client no:017148299580
    Agent namber:018310702711
    Time dat:29/05/2022.07:47:58pm

  18. 1.BDT wallet No (User ID-Gaming ID ): 407066813
    2.Transaction ID / TrxID :9F53KTPJ69
    3. Client phone No:01761655106
    4. Agent phone No: 01873873221
    5. Time and date:10:14 PM- 5/6/22
    6. Amount:1000
    7. Screenshot and vedio
    8.ডিপোজিট সমস্যা ওটা ফিল করে দিন
    Email address: [email protected]

  19. Vaiya ami withdraw korice kinto akhono taka pai nai plz vai taka ta den.bkash nambar 01797160644
    Account number.430783949
    Vaiya ami 2ghonta holo withdraw korice kinto taka pai nai plz vai taka ta den plz plz.

  20. 1. Player ID :311959923
    2. Transaction ID: 2947831593
    3. Client No :01403109071
    4. Agent number :016163925684
    5. Time : 2:20-2:40 pm, date :07/05/2022
    6. Amount :1000
    7. Screenshot

  21. Sir ami 495 taka deposit korci but taka ashce na
    Bikash welet:01731051947
    Clint Agent:01301269991
    trx no:9F99OA4TM5

  22. Ami 495 taka deposit korci but taka ashce na.
    Player id:437885425
    Bikash welet:01731051947
    Clin Agent:01301269991
    trx id:9F99OA4TM5
    Deposit time:09/06/22…8.20pm

  23. (Nagad)

    Please sir emargincy deposit

    1.Game id.394912239


    3.Agent number:01880741661,
    4.Sender numar:01725164568
    5.amunt 1400tk

    6.date and time:9:40Am 06.06.2022

    Sathe screenshot songjugto
    [email protected]


    Please sir emargincy deposit please

    1.Game id.394912239


    3.Agent number:017066650201,
    4.Sender numar:017251645689
    5.amount 2000tk

    6.Date: 07-JUN-2022 11:20:09 pm.
    Sathe screenshot shonjugto

    [email protected]

  24. 1) user ID:284874637
    2) your withdraw number:01828458200
    3) Amount:4500
    4) date & time:11:17am 15/06/2022
    5) request ID:1104258061
    6) transaction screenshot:

  25. 1) user ID:284874637
    2) your withdraw number:01828458200
    3) Amount:4500
    4) date & time:11:17am 15/06/2022
    5) request ID:1104258061
    6) transaction screenshot:

  26. Ai diposit ta akhon pojonto pai nai vai. Diposit requste jay na vai…ami total dui ta diposit problem vai plz vai somaden kore den

    1: Game id :397411057
    3:cilent number : 01754469945 nagad
    4: agent number :01947-879933
    5: date: 14-06-22 time :11:35pm
    6: amount : 1500

  27. NAGAD deposit problem :
    Player ID :428016203 /439794999
    Transaction ID :71A5T91M Client No : 01829701238
    Agent No : 01611-837843
    Date : 14.06.22
    Time : 04:31 PM
    Amount : 500 BDT
    NAGAD transaction history.

  28. My game I’d: 137051771
    My nogad no: 01711048469
    agent no(your):01737079141
    Nogad payment
    Transection no: 71ANN913
    Time: 11:55

  29. id:285203457 Date: 26/6/2022, time: 12/37 pm, 2000 BDT withdraw dei but taka ta akhon amar acount a ase nai,please help

    • Player id:224691779
      Transaction ID:3139300843
      Client no:Roket- 01864752831
      Agent number:018227377706

  30. Id : 449512033

    Client number : 01846028074

    Time : 11:35 am

    Date : 21:07:2022

    Agent number : 01716702703 (BKASH )

    Txd id : 9GL7SH3PJP

    Amount : 3000

  31. Deposit
    Id : 449512033

    Client number : 01846028074

    Time : 11:35 am

    Date : 21:07:2022

    Agent number : 01716702703 (BKASH )

    Txd id : 9GL7SH3PJP

    Amount : 3000

  32. BDT wallet No(User ID):312656501
    2.Trans ID/TrxID:01G927CH45
    3.Client phone No:01759930062
    4.Agent phone No:01404249101
    5.upayTime and date:28/7/2022/4.59pm

  33. 1xbet a 2 Jon agent k aj dB arrest korca akhon sobaik tan diba 3 4 din ar vitor nogod bks wallet manager gula k aj kal ar vitor dorbe manus ar onk tk manager gula mere dicca. Ar modda akta manager ar no trac kora onk Totto paica .so bas na khaita chaila r kau deposit koiran na.09638626426 ai no ak wallet manager ar oi beta aj rat a dora khabe.

  34. Amar 1xbet a withdraw hocca na? 7din agao withdraw disy kno problem hoy nay but last 2 din dhora withdraw hocca na and the reason is documents.when try to withdraw massage show documents need.In live chat support they tell mebto send a mail to security department all requested documents,i send documents but nothing happen.i face this problem last 3-4 day’s.ami NID pic disy but tao problem solve hoy nay.All details dicci please check dan and solve kora dan.
    user id: 424116505
    Name: md md
    user name: SHEFALI6477
    And the case number:
    Hello, Shefali!
    Your request has been assigned the following case ID #23150268

    Every time they mail me this,,
    The Security Department is waiting for the requested files. Without providing the requested files any further actions are impossible.

    i already send my NID Documents but same result.please solve this issue.

  35. Nogod fast

    Player id,290700291
    Transaction ID, 71EKP8RZ
    Client no, 01726021518
    Agent number, 01313595422
    Time, 9:34am
    date, 21/08/2022
    Amount 1000

    Bkhas fast

    Player id,290700291
    Transaction ID, 9HL3L5H5AZ
    Client no, 01726021518
    Agent number, 01708502194
    Time, 9:56am
    date, 21/08/2022
    Amount 1000

  36. 1.id,458516901
    2.walet.01723500058 nagad
    4.taka 470
    5.time, date.24/8/22,9.29pm
    Pls sir add my dipojit pls

  37. 1/gaming id..206907221
    2/trx.id no..71EWM5L1
    3/my phone no..01581170414
    4/agent phone no. 01313791222
    5/det and time..27-08-2022–03-24pm
    Sir ami deposit korcilam tk account a ase ni transction takhe kono answer passi na aktu deken

  38. 5day aga diposit koresi akhono taka pelam na game I’d 382439281 transaction id9HU5SSACZ7 client number 01999685842 ajent number 01713879912 amount 2700 bikash date 30/8/22 time.8.21am

  39. VAIYA DIPOSIT KORSI 1000 TK KINTU BALANCE E ADD HOY NI TK DEI NI. 1. BDT Wallet No (user ID) 462616729
    2. Trans ID/ TrxID: sMLpV855
    3. Client phone no: 01713901713
    4. Agent phone no: 01778488777
    5. Bkash
    time and date: 31/08/22
    07:14pm You have an outstanding request to top up your account.
    Amount to pay: 1000 BDT Screenshot9HV3U81SMJ
    If you have not made a transfer yet, you can find

  40. Vaiya ami deposit korice kinto taka ta pai nai
    Amar bkash nambar.01797160644
    Transaction id.9I803QLB36
    Amount. 420 taka
    Agent nambar. 01925720328
    Time. 10.17

  41. Ki holo vaiya akhono taka ta dillen na tho plz vai
    Payer id.451495227
    Bkash nambar.01797160644
    Tranaction id.9I803QLB36
    Agent nambar.01925720328
    Time.10.17 AM
    Plz vai taka 5 minit modhe den plz

  42. 1/Gaming I’d:- 378734351

    2/Transactions I’d:- 71FGZTHX

    3/client no. . 01859144166

    4/nagad fast Agent No.. 01738-840145

    5/nagad fast date 06-09-22

    6/nagad fast time 10.39pm

    7/amount 2000

    8/ nagad fast screenshots

  43. 1/Gaming I’d:- 378734351

    2/Transactions I’d:- 71FQJG6L

    3/client no. . 01859144166

    4/nagad fast Agent No.. 01324-995005

    5/nagad fast date 11-09-22 time 8.56pm

    6/amount 500

    7/ nagad fast screenshots


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